About WhyteWave Productions:

Kathy Whyte earned a Degree in Art with a minor in English from James Madison University paving the way for her creativity in the Graphic Arts field. Her first job at a typesetting company led to a love of typography, the balance of space, and the multi-faceted printing industry. Ten years as Art Director at a high quality color printing company expanded her talents in design and creativity, working in Quark Xpress and Photoshop on projects for IBM, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Merrill Lynch, the Marriott Corporation, The Washington Redskins, etc. She has extensive magazine experience, having worked for an 84-page national surveying magazine for over five years, an online earth observation magazine, and a 100-page glossy local Florida magazine. Kathy continues to learn the latest programs for designing on a Macintosh by attending Mac seminars and attending her monthly Mac Users Group meetings.

She has recently added a new feature to her portfolio of experience . . . creating slide shows in FotoMagico. Go on an exotic vacation or cruise, family reunion, wedding, special party or celebration. Send Kathy your digital photos, and she will transform your event into an adventure to remember, by adding special effects like zooming and fading, captions, and music. The final is converted to a DVD, a permanent special memory that you can share with family and friends.

Does your website need to get off the ground or have a face-lift? Kathy can also help you design your website to look enticing and professional. Jack Whyte will then convert the design to a dynamic working website for your company. Jack can also maintain your website throughout the year and make changes as needed.


Jack Whyte, Webmaster

Jack Whyte has over 20 years of technical experience in IT ranging from law firms to investment banking, specializing in presentation graphics, print, network architecture, and web development. Jack can be reached at jack@whytewave.com


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